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Our Nursery

We became a preschool in April 2014 and started an unlicensed daycare center in September 2017.

In September 2021, we received a certificate from Kashiwa City for meeting the standards for guidance and supervision of unlicensed daycare facilities.

Our features

  • We spend the day exclusively in English and focus on intellectual and educational development.

  • Children can enroll even if their guardians are not working.

  • Families residing outside of Kashiwa City are also welcome to use our facilities.

  • You can choose either 4 or 5 days a week for childcare. You can choose between Short Nursery (6 hours of childcare) and Long Nursery (9 hours and 30 minutes of childcare).

  • Letters, correspondence, etc. will be handled in Japanese.

  • Admission procedures can be completed at our nursery.

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In Alexander's English Nursery, the children will play a lot and study a lot. We cannot replace the parents, but we would like to do our best to bring up your children filled with a smiling face and confidence.

Although our idea  is high and we know it is not easy to realise it all, we would like to work hard toward this ideal and idea. 

Alexander J.C. McAvoy


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Nursery and Educational Philosophy

  1. We will bring up children to understand English and can communicate in English with proper Japanese ability in accordance with their age.​

  2. We will bring up children to have confidence and can express themselves.

  3. We will bring up children who can understand, accept and respect others.

  4. We will bring up children with a rich imagination and creativity.

  5. We will bring up children to have strong will and healthy body. 

Education Policy

  1.  We believe that English is an essential skill for life and we provide childcare in English and develop living English language skills. However, we are not an English language school that teaches English as a lesson.

  2. Early childhood is the time when all abilities develop the most. We provide intelligence and knowledge education according to the abilities of our preschoolers.

  3. We nurture children's creativity and imagination with activities such as art classes, storytelling, calligraphy, seasonal events and birthday parties.

  4. We provide age-appropriate physical education to build healthy, strong bodies and enjoy sports and dance.

Teacher & Staff

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