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Steps to enrollment

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Set up a free tour and trial session


Explanation of Important Information

Signing of Childcare Use Agreement


Trial Daycare


Start of childcare at AEN!

Tuition and Fees

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  • From what age can I enroll my child?
    Children may enroll as long as they have reached the age of 1 year and 6 months. However, we will stop accepting applications when the maximum number of places in each class is reached. In addition, for classes K1 and above, it is necessary to pass a placement test (2,200 yen charged).
  • How many days per week can I attend?
    The minimum number of days for any class is 4 days per week. We believe that an environment where students are exposed to English for as long as possible will help them develop their English language skills.
  • What is the procedure for enrollment?
    To begin, please try our free trial/tour. Free tours are available for children under 1.5 years of age or for parents, guardians alone. Once you have decided to enroll your child in our nursery, we will explain important matters to you and sign a contract for the use of our nursery. The enrollment procedure will be completed upon payment of the enrollment fee and the childcare fee for the month of enrollment. A medical certificate and other documents must also be submitted prior to enrollment. You can make a contract for enrollment in the form of a reservation even if you do not immediately enroll in the nursery.
  • Is it possible to receive subsidies due to Free Early Childhood Education admission?
    As a non-licensed nursery school, you can receive subsidies if you meet the requirements starting from K1 (young children's class). In addition, since we have received a certificate from Kashiwa City stating that we meet the standards for guidance and supervision, Infant (1 year old class) and PreK (2-year-old class) can also receive subsidies from Kashiwa City.
  • Do the children bring a lunch box from home or order a school lunch?
    Either is fine. School lunches can be ordered daily via the application, so you can combine lunch box from home and school lunch during the week. School lunches are outsourced to Kindergarten School Lunch Co. (400 yen per meal including tax). They can prepare school lunch eliminating 4 allergens: eggs (chicken eggs and fish eggs), milk, shrimp, and crab.
  • Is there parking available for guardians to drop off and pick up their children?
    There are 8 parking spaces available in the parking lot outside the nursery.
  • Are there shuttle buses to and from the school?
    There are three buses: one bound for Kashiwa, one for Takayanagi, and one for Abiko. Currently, there is no bus service to the Inzai area.
  • Do you have a nursery yard?
    We have a nursery yard of about 100 square meters, but as the school year progresses, we will go to a nearby park as well.
  • Is it okay if parents do not speak English?
    Most of our guardians say they do not speak English, but this is not a major problem.
  • Should I have my child speak English at home?
    It is up to the family, but we believe that bilingual children will grow up by learning proper Japanese at home, even though they speak all English at our nursery.
  • Are contact books and letters from the preschool written in English?
    Contact sheets, announcements, newsletters, etc. are sent by the classroom teacher in English or Japanese. Parents may use the translation function on their smart phones or computers. Parents can send us their correspondence in Japanese, and the classroom teacher will translate it into English and read it.
  • Are there any events or other activities in which guardians help out?
    Since many of our parents work or have babies, we minimize the amount of help we ask parents to provide. The biggest event we ask parents to help with is the thank-you party for parents at the graduation ceremony.
  • Is there any practice on toilet training?
    Starting from the Infant class, toilet training will be provided at the nursery in consultation with guardians.
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